Thinking of selling your Phase One or Mamiya equipment?

Whats the deal?

Used, Pre-loved, previously enjoyed what ever you want to call them, everyday DTEK receive calls from people looking for an inexpensive alternative to buying Phase One digital backs at new prices. For a long time we were able to sell Factory Re-furbished Backs from Phase One. These are now sold out due to high demand. Additionally we are not getting as many used backs coming through, people are tending to hang on to them. We know that sometimes customers for one reason or another decide to sell up. Sometimes this is done through a circle of contacts, but we also hear stories of people trying to sell their own Phase One equipment to unknown third parties, often on auction sites only for the deal to go bad when a problem is found by the buyer. This results in messy refunds and return of item. We are usually then asked to inspect and /or repair the equipment at extra cost. Also the equipment may be wrongly valued and languish for weeks before a buyer is found. Buyers are also often put off by lack of service history or warranty. Understandable when you consider the value of the investment.


What do DTEK get out of it?


The opportunity to add value to the sale with extra items and warranties.


Percentage of sale.


We gain a customer. This is better than the back being sold to someone who then has no dealer to turn to for help. We are here to support them and benefit from any future business.


We find a home for a great piece of valuable equipment.

Here’s what DTEK can offer


We discuss your expectations; price and time frame.

Send it

You send us the kit for inspection and valuation.

Faults and repairs

We will inform you of any faults and advise on best course of action. Repairs etc.

Warranty or non-warranty

We can carry out warranty or non-warranty repairs if required.

Missing items

If the kit is incomplete we can provide the missing items as per original specification.

Agreed price

We then finally agree the price you would be prepared to except.

Increase the value

If a warranty would significantly increase the value or sale-ability we can add one.

Costs and VAT

We add 18% for our costs + VAT.


We advertise on our website and in mailshots, until the unit is sold.