About Us

DTEK has always been a small team of experienced, professionals dedicated to the highest levels of product quality and service. [meet the team]

Incorporated in February 1995, Managing Director, Brian Tinsen, after many years of service with Dicomed Inc. (and Crosfield Electronics Digital Imaging) acquired the business and assets of Dicomed U.K. Brian then proceeded to build on Dicomed’s history of providing High end Image Recording systems and state of the art Digital Image Enhancement workstations. A large part of the business was also based on providing the high level of service and support demanded by the industry. As technology progressed new scanning back cameras and array CCD camera backs like the Dicomed BigShot became the main products. Over the years DTEK have installed and supported many digital scanning back and CCD based digital cameras from Dicomed and Betterlight as well as Phase One. Our customers include but are not limited to:

  • Government Ministries
  • Royal Households
  • National Museums
  • Schools Colleges and Universities
  • Private Collections
  • Image Libraries
  • Corporate Clients
  • Commercial and Fashion Photographers
  • Portrait Studios

Phase One’s Digital Camera Systems now offer unparalleled quality and performance in all applications. Phase One are the market leader in medium format digital photography, offering everything a photographer needs and wants from a professional level imaging system. Phase One Digital Backs offer the world’s highest resolution and are available for the widest range of cameras and compatible with the broadest range of computer platforms. Phase Ones new DF+ Camera Body and Digital Lens Range from Schneider offer unrivalled quality and distortion free detail.  Our other products and services include but are not limited to:

Phase One / Mamiya
Achromatic + B&W IR/UV Digital Back
Capture One Application Training
Kaiser Repro Stands
Schneider and Rodenstock Lenses
Elinchrom, Bowens, Photon Beard
Pocket Wizard
B+W Filters
Apple and Hewlett Packard

Future Goals

To continue working with our partners to provide the highest quality imaging hardware and software available. To continue providing the highest level of pre-sales and post sales support to our valued customers.
To always stay one step ahead.